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      [attachment=2:f2wj6jip]4cd32f056af8c535eea368512334cccf.jpg[/attachment:f2wj6jip]① I made a bid for this DVD 2 to 3 weeks ago at eBay ‘s net auction(21.00$).Huge pink colored areola, nice pink pussy and coupled with loving face, Danni who is appearing here is the best !!
       Therefore,when this DVD was released ?

      ②I wanted to make a bid for the next pictures, but it was expensive, so I quit(143.95$〜172.56$).

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      Hi Koutouyuumin 🙂

      The cover photo on both ‘Wild Desire’ and ‘Wild Fantasy’ seems to be taken in the Apr 1999, so guessing the video was taken in the last half of 1998 or the first half of 1999. Length of Danni’s hair also suggests when it was done. Btw, there also are several works by Mac Daddy but they are in ‘inclusion relation (= hougan kankei in Japanese) as described below, so I’d say you had better not collect them all.

        >> My understanding is ‘it was ORIGINALLY’ distributed in 1999 by MacDaddy Entertainment, in the name of ‘Wild Desire‘ first.

      [list=2:1mkgb8z4]>> Then Mac Daddy just changed/updated its cover and title to ‘Wild Fantasy‘ anyhow, later next.

        Wild Fantasy: = Wild Desire above

      [list=3:1mkgb8z4]>> Also they did another ‘compilation’ one named ‘Best of Mac Daddy‘ by merging and cropping scenes by several modes, in 2000.

      [list=4:1mkgb8z4]>> They, next, did ‘Absolute Best‘ by reediting originals again in 2002

      [list=5:1mkgb8z4]>> And they finally did ‘All Nude Glamour‘ in 2003, reediting them.

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      Thank you for your detailed answer.
      By the way, the video of Mac Daddy was also exhibited in the same auction just before a while ago.
      Looking closely, the cover picture is the same. That one is newer. It is said that both were reedited.
      I did not have to buy it.

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      Dear Koutouyumin,

      Hi my friend. My pleasure 🙂 About another ‘Mac Daddy’s’, you are right. You didn’t have to buy it, I believe.

      Thank you for joining us again. またいつでもいらしてくださいね。待ってますよ。 Duke

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      Anyone have this movie?

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