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      I found a couple more HOME pictures in my archive to add to your collection. Also the picture of the week pw60715b is from the same shoot.

      I’m wondering about the location. It reminds me of their Mar Vista home they moved in to in 1998, as do the Hat and Playing Pool sets. Perhaps it was up for sale in 1996, sitting empty, and available for rent? Just a guess. Other than their Jib St penthouse their whereabouts from 1996-1998 are pretty fuzzy.

      How do I send you jpgs? I don’t understand out how to send them in this message. Thanks, Duke

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      Hi Coquinet,

      It’s my bad. I have finally allowed all users to attach image(s) onto a private message too. Turned out that I myself didn’t know how to do on/off that and it was turned ‘off’. Very nice if you share them with our private message function.

      Thanks. D

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