Wishing DHD’s re-birth.

Guys who know DHD. The danni.com is completely down for days. It has been ran since 1995, and this is the first time in its 25 years of history. If this is a sign of the end of DHD, I would say that it’s an end of the history of online adult content business if it is. We need to consciously understand it with decent respect to DHD.

If it is just a sign of its positive change, it’s nice to see DHD re-births itself. Danni, we are all ready to support you if you are involuved in this and about to make next step foward. We DAFC is a pack of professionals with highest skills. Please ping us anytime.

Danni Ashe by Super-Resolution with Deep-Learning

We proudly announce here that we DAFC decided to introduce ‘Super-Resolution with Deep-Learning technology’ to revitalize Danni Ashe images that were originally published more than a decade ago. Danni published her images in ‘1024 x 670’ at maximum originally, but it is not enough resolution for us to enjoy Danni’s beautiful naked body, so we have brewed an AI that recognises and resample Danni’s naked body.

Please see 2 samples below. Original ones are on the left side, and A.I. generated ones are on the right side. Please compare each of them by sliding border horizontally. Our A.I. has learnt how Danni Ashe and her parts (e.g. hair, eyes, nose, mouth, nipples, pubic hair, labia, nails) look like, so they are all drawn much clearly than the original ones.

Do you like our Deep-Learning application to Danni Ashe? Please wait for our updates.


Fig.1 Office Visit ( ‘670 x 1024 pixel’ to ‘1340 x 2048 pixel’ )


Fig.2 Cabo ( ‘670 x 1024 pixel’ to ‘1340 x 2048 pixel’ )