Power of A.I.

 Hi guys! As you may know, several Danni fans are distributing Super-Resolutioned Danni videos at VE forum. It’s one of various good application case of Deep Learning (A.I.) technology in enjoying our Danni. Also, Deep Learning lets us to convert single 2D images to a 3D video. The original static 2D image of this 3D video is below.

 And the 3D video that was generated with A.I. using single static image above is below.

 There are a lot of opportunities in Adult industry for Deep Learning technology.

legendary Danni's Harddrive

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  1. Hello! I’m a Danni fan looking to register for your site, but I can’t get registration to work. It says my user name is “not allowed” no matter what I put in.
    Sorry to put something unrelated in your article comment, but it was the only contact I could find.

    • Hi glombork,

      Not a problem 🙂 Thanks for a heads-up. It turned out that a site function for preventing spammers’ account creation was not working properly. So we have turned it off. Please try to create your account again? Thank you and welcome 🙂 Duke

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