Happy holidays guys! This is a holiday greeting to those who love Danni Ashe πŸ™‚

It seems Henry has no interest in a modeling career. When I brought him in to pose for our Christmas card, all he wanted to do was eat the plastic snow and throw up. Well, maybe next year (-:

 2019 was a remarkable year for Danni Ashe fans. First of all, Becky LeBeau of softbodies.com finally released 6 never-published videos of beautiful Danni Ashe online as she understood how much we Danni Ashe Fans love Danni. I’d like to represent my biggest gratitude to her for her tremendous efforts. There may be going to be more release of ‘never-published’ videos in 2020, so please look forward to watching them πŸ™‚

Hot Pink Super Boob MILFs (1/2) – Dec 2018

Hot Pink Super Boob MILFs (2/2) – 14 Jan 2019

Lavender Dress – 29th Jan 2019

Palisades Postcard – 17th Mar 2019

Wine Dress – 8th May 2019

Orange you glad? – 29th Aug 2019

 Secondly, I have a report to you guys. Danni’s Hard Drive (aka DHD) was acquired by Penthouse in 2006, and Penthouse was done by WGCZ in 2018, as you may know. So I contacted Penthouse team that was taking care of DHD to see if they might be going to release Danni Ashe contents again. They said they were fully occupied with rebuilding Penthouse itself, and they didn’t have enough resource for DHD to be updated. Also, they said they had a room that archived raw DHD data/materials. You guys love to watch never-published Danni Ashe videos even in 2020, right? We DAFC team are 100% ready to support Penthouse team to re-mastering them. We are waiting for their ‘green light’. Please give me a call Paul πŸ™‚

 In 2020, we are planning to release videos played by ‘virtual’ Danni Ashe utilizing the latest Deep Learning technologies. I personally expect to watch beautiful Danni in naked walking in beautiful places all over this world. Please wait for them coming up.

Thank you very much for your continuous support in 2019. We DAFC team appreciate your great support in 2020 again! Happy holidays!

Duke (Danni Ashe Fan Central)

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