4 thoughts on “Danni Ashe PoW

  1. have been trying to become a fan , open an account and download sets. site won’t accept any of the dozens of usernames i select. what am i doing wrong? how do i open an account?

  2. Hi Frank,

    Welcome to Danni Ashe Fan Central (DAFC)!
    Although I’m sure that the site is accepting new registration, let me register you for you just in case.

    Q1: what is your prefered username?
    Q2: do you want me to register an email ‘f****c****69@l***.com’ as yours?

    please send me an email to danniashefan@gmail.com when you’d like to.

    Thanks. Admin Duke

  3. Hi FC,
    Done it. Pls check your email box and update your password. In terms of downloadable photosets, pls look into our ‘store’ section in the header menu above to find ones you like 🙂 Btw, the image in this post was not a part of any photosets since DHD themselves didn’t publish them. Just done as a single PoW image 20 years ago. Thx. Duke

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