Video Super Resolution with the latest AI technologies

We proudly announce here that we DAFC decided to introduce ‘Super-Resolution with Deep-Learning technology’ to revitalize Danni Ashe videos that were originally published almost 2 decades ago. Danni published her videos in less than ‘640 x 480’ at maximum originally, but it is not enough resolution for us to enjoy Danni’s beautiful naked body, so we have brewed an AI that recognises and resample Danni’s naked body.

We succeeded in enlarging Danni Ashe videos published almost 2 decades ago upto HD (1440px x 1080 px) resolution by developing AI-based video regenerator. Please see samples below.

Adult video productions

We are capable to apply our ‘AI-super-resolution’ solution to your ‘low resolution’ videos that you can not re-publish because they are in too low resolution. Please contact us in case you are interested in our solution.


video1: original video published in 2000

  • video size: 576 x 432 pixel
  • duration: 1 min 13 sec
  • video format: mp4
  • frame rate: 29.7 fps
  • file sise: 14.9 MB

video2: AI-super-resolutioned video published

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