Danni Ashe by Super-Resolution with Deep-Learning

We proudly announce here that we DAFC decided to introduce ‘Super-Resolution with Deep-Learning technology’ to revitalize Danni Ashe images that were originally published more than a decade ago. Danni published her images in ‘1024 x 670’ at maximum originally, but it is not enough resolution for us to enjoy Danni’s beautiful naked body, so we have brewed an AI that recognises and resample Danni’s naked body.

Please see 2 samples below. Original ones are on the left side, and A.I. generated ones are on the right side. Please compare each of them by sliding border horizontally. Our A.I. has learnt how Danni Ashe and her parts (e.g. hair, eyes, nose, mouth, nipples, pubic hair, labia, nails) look like, so they are all drawn much clearly than the original ones.

Do you like our Deep-Learning application to Danni Ashe? Please wait for our updates.


Fig.1 Office Visit ( ‘670 x 1024 pixel’ to ‘1340 x 2048 pixel’ )


Fig.2 Cabo ( ‘670 x 1024 pixel’ to ‘1340 x 2048 pixel’ )


legendary Danni's Harddrive

One thought on “Danni Ashe by Super-Resolution with Deep-Learning

  1. Amazing! Danni still inspires innovation, as in the early nineties, when Danni hard drive paved the way to the modern e-commerce.
    As for the images, kudos for the AI and programer team!
    I think the better resolution ones – as the first image – may benefit less from this approach.
    As for the lower resolution ones, maybe there were some noise added, and looks like some more tunning on color and contrast may be needed, don´t you think?
    It will be a tall order to pass all her images through this process. Danniashe-fan is the best, always!
    Congratulations and thank you for all the effort.

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