Announcement: our online shop is unavailable

We are experiencing technical difficulties with our online shop that might be caused by CMS update. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.

–> Fixed. Working fine currently.

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3 thoughts on “Announcement: our online shop is unavailable

  1. I am still unable to checkout from the online store, returns: username is not allowed!
    whenever I click on the paypal link.

    • Hi Paul,
      According to our system log record, you logged in this site successfully. But, we will leave the site security application deactivated for days just in case so that you can try login again without it. Please try to login again. Thank you very much. D

      • Hello again Paul,

        Turned out that a site function that restricts Spammers’ account creation has been too strict. We confirmed it refused user login nor account creation in checkout process because of it. My bad really. We turned it OFF so you can login properly in your checkout process.

        This is a ‘50% discount’ coupon code ( code: q553dty3 ). Please type it in the cart when you buy something here, then you will get 50% off till 31st-Jul-2020. Please accept this as a token of my apology. Thank you. D

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