Happy B-day, Danni

Dear Ms. Danni Ashe,

Hello. It’s your birthday today. We celebrate your birthday, and sincerely appreciate you being in this world. Happy birthday. You appeared like a comet in the early 1990s, and have changed this world in the late 1990s, and lead followers in the 2000s. We know your creativity and honesty and efforts created fundamentals of online business that we live on, and the courage of your convictions surely is leading many of us even today. Thank you.

Your life is just began. Your creativity is about to be in bloom like a tulip flower under blue sky. Please take care of your health and enjoy your life. Please contact us when we can do something for you. We can imagine you laughing proudly.

All the best.

Duke (on behalf of all good Danni Ashe fans)
16th Jan 2018

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