Hi tremendous number of Danni Ashe fans in the world! I’m Duke, one of the owner of this Danni Ashe Fan Central site. How was your yr 2017? What are you wishing for 2018? Let me say my best thanks to each of you for your warm support in 2017. I, honestly speaking, am very surprised to know that there are so many Danni Ashe fans even after 10 years since our goddess Danni Ashe decided to proceed to her next path in 2007. She sold her DHD in 2004, and Penthouse acquired it in 2007, and her last official photoshoot was done in fall 2003, so our prise to Danni Ashe has been burning for 10 years without having new works of hers. This is amazing actually.

 Looking back my Danni Ashe fan history, it was late 1997 when I was a graduate school student that I got to know whe Danni Ashe was. There was no Wifi then so connected a 10 base T cable with my IBM Laptop PC to get online. I still remember the moment I accidentally encountered a picture of Danni Ashe first time. I was shocked. A picture appeared on my screen slowly, from its top to bottom. I saw a tremendously beautiful lady posing and smiling there. And my 20 years as a Danni Ashe fan have passed 🙂

 Life is not long enough to do everything, guys. Find something you love, no matter how old you are. Keep loving it, no matter what they say. Appreciate what you have, no matter what your neighbors have. I wish you guys and, of course, our Danni Ashe could have very good 2018. Happy holidays 🙂

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