2 thoughts on “Danni Ashe – Picture of the week (22nd May 2000)

  1. Hi Mike,

    Good catch 🙂 You are a true DA fan. They are Jennifer (left) and Jun Kusanagi (right: Japanese porn actress). There were “vanished/missing” PoW once months, and this is one of them. Jennifer appeared in In Bed w Danni but no video of it was distributed. Jun expected to be major in US so Danni accepted to support her debut in US this way. Danni was not only a smart business person but a nice person who was happy to support her followers. Jun appeared in solo live strip feature, but she couldn’t become major in US as Hitomi did later. This single picture talks a lot. Many models rushed into her to have her support in 2000. This seems to be a photo for their souvenir 🙂

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