Let me introduce you guys an article by a professional photographer Gern Blanson who took pics of Danni Ashe in her early modeling career. Please refer to the original article here. This article was written in 2006.


 A truly great model comes along about once every ten years or so. Danni Ashe was in that class. I hired her off a test shot. Her agent CHN International in Hollywood called and said “I know you love to shoot big bust girls, have I got a winner for you. Her name is Danni Ashe. Hal went on about how she was only in town for 5 days and I’d better book her quick cause she was going back to Seattle to dance. I heard that story before, put a time frame on the photographer to get the model some work quick. Agents never know how long a model will decide to model. There’s always a chance she will get cold feet, or meet some guy who will talk her out of modeling.

 I decided to take a trip into Hollywood from the San Fernando Valley, about 20minutes back then. If she was that good I better get her booked right away, but I don’t like to book sight unseen, to much can go wrong; like a giant pimple on a modes face ( another story worth telling at another time) lesion learned I arrived in the nick of time as this agent took 2 hr. lunches an it was close to 11:30 when he left. He pulled out one roll of 120 contact sheet with 12 black and white shots on it. Hal was a former photographer and new that a 120 Rollei could get a photographer a better idea of how a model would photograph than a Polaroid would.

 Like a character it a cartoon, my eyes lit up like dollars signs. They didn’t quite pop out of my head, but they could have. I booked her off that contact sheet, trying to not show to much enthusiasm, didn’t want to pay a premium to Hal for getting her first. That was always a problem in this business. Suze offers more money and the model cancels your shoot and books her. I just acted to quick she hadn’t finished making all the rounds of the photographers and I booked her for the next day. Only being in town for 5 days a lot of photographers did not get to shoot her on her first trip to Hollywood.



 She arrived at the studio the next day on time 9:30am and ready to work; a good sign that things would go smooth. She was in makeup for 90 minutes and was ready to shoot. She was not nervous, but she was quiet, not shy, but not a slut either. Danni is Short and very Irish looking. I would say about five foot two inches with a true hour glass figure; a small waist with wide hips, beautiful blue eyes and short blonde hair. Good natural expression. No complaints with this gal. I shot two layouts that day: one went to Club magazine and the other went to Juggs magazine. I also shot a short video of her that day.

 Everything I shot on Danni Ashe sold in a very short time. Next time she came in town she got really booked up and was shot many times. I regret not shoots additional sets on her. My best impression of her was those ski sloped tits, The best angle to view those were from about two feet below looking up, You only get that view when she was dancing on stage or being photographed. I love to have the model stand above me with me shooting up at her tits. She could straddle me and bend forward. That was the best angle to view those perfect tits. If you have ever seen the Movie Blow-up you know the pose. David Hemming straddled over Varushka like he was having sex. I just reversed it and had her stand over me. Best view ever of those classic boobs, and I have proof of it.



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