a DHD auction polaroid

Hey guys. Do you remember that our ‘original’ DHD had ‘DHD auction’? The very thing I remember is that a guy whose name was ‘carvades’ bought everything at $3,000. Then some of Danni fans complained it to Danni then she replied ‘I don’t want to shoot in my own foot’ 🙂 Danni was selling her items listed below, for example.

  • autographed poraloids
  • clothes she wore
  • other special items
  • please visit our gallery for complete item list
  • We DAFC have a commerce platform for both of tangible and intangible items, so you can sell yours with us without disclosing your identity publicly. Payment method is limited to PayPal. In terms of polaroids, you can send itself to us but you can also send it to us digital image (=hi-res scan) then we sell it as an intangible item. We do not charge any fee on you. Please contact us when you are interested.

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