Let me refer to this topic to protect her honor as a citizen.

Manzari has two big hurdles in her defamation lawsuit. The first is whether the photograph in its context leads a reasonable reader to the implication that she had tested positive for HIV. Because Manzari is deemed to be a public figure, her second big hurdle is she must also show that the news publication acted with actual malice, which means either knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard for the truth. [source: The Hollywood Reporter]

Pertaining to the first one, I myself was actually done. Mistakenly led. Adult entertainment industry that she belonged to can’t be unrelated to sickness represented by HIV consequently, especially from consumer perspective. I had never imagined that she was ‘tested something’ in my long fan life, but even I myself couldn’t help associating her with the word ‘HIV’ described close to her picture when I found it. I believe it’s natural that people think ‘oh, this person is tested HIV’ at a glance when they find the article.

In terms of the second one, I believe the defender had the latter; ‘reckless disregard for the truth’. Do you think what happened if the person in the image looked a female Diet person? I’m sure the defender would try to make sure who the female Diet person was and her HIV status decently, before publishing it. She, Danni, and the truth were disregarded just because she looked a porn star.

It is also true that ‘HIV’ tends to be associated with ‘looseness’ although I know it’s not correct. She, as we core fans all know, was famous for her not joining ‘boy-girl’ performance at all in her career, and such her attitude also represented what she was not only as a model/performer but as a person. We know Danni Ashe strictly kept her faith ‘no hardcore’ for more than a decade, whole through her modeling career. And we fans loved/love such her attitude assuming it was her philosophy that can’t be separated from her personal life as a wife. Considering this consistent sincerity of hers, I can’t help admitting that the defender defamed Ms. Manzari by associating her with ‘looseness’, by putting the inappropriate word beside her image. What do you think when you are stated publicly and regarded as a ‘loose wife’ although you are virtuous and faithful to your partner?


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