I, Duke, have met Danni Ashe in person, and hugged her. I met her in Tokyo Japan in Nov 2001 for the first time. She was visiting Japan to attend ‘Streaming Media Japan 2001’. It was right after the ‘collapse of dot com bubble’ so many of business leaders, including Danni Ashe, were making less attends to conventions for their business promotion. I sent a message to her to ask her public appearance plan, then she herself kindly let me know that she was planning to visit Japan.


I was waiting for doors of conference room opened, sitting on a sofa outside the room, looking at the doors. Then a lady in white suit approaching to the doors appeared in my sight. ‘OMG…’. It was Danni Ashe. The lady whom I had seen in my display was walking over there. She in person looked not so erotic as she was in our browsers, but looked a lady next door actually.


During her key-note on the stage, she looked strained and grabbed at a bottle of water. I got relieved to know that Danni Ashe, who is one of the most famous lady in the world then, also get strained. I felt some ‘humanity’ with her then. Her key-note was pertaining to how she grew DHD up last 5 years. I, to tell the truth, was staring her cute face and tits so I don’t remember details of her speech.


Her speech was over. Most of attendees, 99% Japanese, walked out of the entrance door without saying hi to her. But I walked toward her standing beside the stage, and spoke to her. A security guy standing beside her was watching me approaching her. ‘Hi! I’m Duke. Nice to see you. Your presentation was very nice!’. Then she said ‘Thank you!’. And we shook hands. Her hands were very soft and smooth. Body temperature was lower than mine. The security guy walked apart from us since he understood I was not ‘suspicious’. ‘Would you mind if I ask for your autograph on …’ I said, then she smiled and said ‘sure!’ and grabbed a pen in my hand. ‘Your name is Duke correct?’. ‘Yes’. I was staring her signing on the key-note booklet just in front of me. It was funny that it was my first meeting with her although I had seen her naked. I left the conference room after having some more conversations with her.


My second meeting will follow this in 2004 in Vegas. To be continued.




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