Danni Ashe Quotes

“My figure … never felt like an asset until I started dancing.”


“I picked up some software and some books and got online, … and there were all these Danni Ashe pictures all over the newsgroup. I started striking up conversations with people, saying, ‘Hey, you know, hi, I’m Danni. Where’d you get that picture?’.”


“I picked up the ‘HTML Manual of Style,’ and for inspiration I picked up Negroponte’s ‘Being Digital,’ got on a plane, flew to the Bahamas and sat on a beach and read these books, … And a week later, came home and started building the Web site myself.”


“Anyone who believes that we can take the entire Internet and water it down so that it’s good for only children is kidding themselves.”


“There was a time early on in the days of Danni’s Hard Drive that we were within the top 10 Web sites in the world.”


“There’s an awful lot of content available for free on the Internet. You can find virtually anything out there for free. I think people are interested in subscribing to my site because it’s a real environment. It’s all just a really fun, organized experience that’s all laid out for you. People are willing to pay for that.”

legendary Danni's Harddrive

4 thoughts on “Danni Ashe Quotes

  1. I am hoping this is still current… ran by this site by chance. Although Danni is retired, I AM STILL A HUGE FAN!! When I was
    around 13 years old I started fantasizing of the perfect girl… many, many years later I found her… Danni Ashe. Perfect face,
    body, and personality. I am attracted by smart, funny and delicious women. I know she is retired, married etc but I still have
    a soft spot for the woman. Really would like to know how she is doing and what is new with this site if anything????


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