Danni Ashe

Name: Danni Ashe, Danielle Ashe
Birthday: January 16, 1968
Birth place: Beaufort, South Carolina, USA
Hometown: Seattle, Washington, USA
Occupation: Artist, Entertainer (Dancer/Model/Actress), Photographer, Producer, Entrepreneur
Major titles: + The only woman who has appeared on the cover of both The Wall Street Journal and Juggs magazine (1997)
+ The most downloaded woman on the Internet (Guinness World Records, 2000)
+ XRCO Hall of Fame (2006)
+ AVN Hall of Fame – Internet Founders Branch (2012)
+ Chaturbate Female Empowerment Award (GFY, 2016)
Measurements: 38-23-35 (97-58-89 cm)
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight: 115 lb (52 kg)
Bra/cup size: 32G (= 32FF, 32EEE, 32DDDD)
Boobs: Natural
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green/Grey
Marital status: Married (always sincere to her husband.)
Favorite flower: Tulips
matured & short-haired Danni Ashe

Danni Ashe is the pseudonym of an American glamour model and former erotic dancer, who is the founder and former CEO of Danni’s Hard Drive, a pioneering adult web site. Ashe started her adult Internet site in 1995. She has been an industry advocate and testified before a government panel. Currently she is retired from modeling and has pursued other artistic interests.

“Danni Ashe paved the way for every woman who has ever hosted her own website, performed as a cam model or created any adult content of any type for the internet,” said Sherri L. Shaulis of AVN. “When she couldn’t find anyone to create a site for her, she took it upon herself to learn HTML and do it herself. She showed women could have complete control over their content and brand on the internet, paving the way for the likes of Sunny Leone, Joanna Angel and many, many more.”

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Danni Ashe Chronology
1968 Jan Born in Beaufort, NC
1985 – Seattle – Danced nude for the first time
1988 Playboy’s 35th Anniversary Playmate Search entry
1989 Left dancing for real estate
1990 Returned to dancing
– Seattle – Bert walks into Rick’s where she’s stripping and they fall for each other
1991 Tried out for Penthouse
First professional photoshoot (3 layouts for Jugg’s editor – traded modeling for ad space)
1992 Magazines w Danni’s first layouts hit the stands
Her first VHS ‘Boobs on Fire’ released (Napali Videos)
1993 Engaged
1994 Aug 1st Boobcruise
First feature dancer booking – Baby Dolls in Phoenix, AZ
Nov Jacksonville incident
1995 Jan Last dance on stage – Market Street Cinema, SF, CA
Being Digital‘ by Nicholas Negroponte was published
Apr – Bahamas – reading Being Digital and the HTML Manual of Style on the beach
DHD era
Jul DHD launch – free site (created by Danni)
Aug 2nd Boobcruise
1996 Feb HotBOX launch – subscription site (created by Danni)
Jul Hired webmistress Shannon to take over design duties (later known as Mischa, photographer)
1997 Mar 3rd and last Boobcruise
1998 Nov Moved to new DHD office & studio in Culver City, CA
1999 Started live streaming show using ‘Danni Vision’ technology
2000 Mar Testified as a panel member for COPA Commission
Aug Officially crowned the Most Downloaded Woman in the world
2001 Dot-com bubble crash
Sep 911
Nov First visit to Japan for Streaming Media Tokyo (keynote speaker)
DHD by Friend Finder era
2004 Feb DHD was acquired by John Morisano
Sep Last glamour photoshoot (topless)
2005 Jan Last public appearance in Las Vegas
Last live show with Lorna Morgan
Official retirement from her modeling career
DHD by Penthouse era
2006 Nov DHD was acquired by PH at $3M
2008 Sep Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers (the financial crisis of 2007–2008)
2012 Dec Won ‘AVN Hall of Fame – Internet Founders Branch
2013 Sep Defamation lawsuit filed against Daily Mail Online
2016 Jan Won ‘Chaturbate Female Empowerment Award
2017 Jan The parties of the defamation lawsuit arrive at a settlement
DHD by WGCZ era
2018 Jun Penthouse was acquired by WGCZ Ltd. at $11.2M
Dec Softbodies.com by Becky LeBeau published unreleased pics & vids of Danni
2020 Jan Deep Learning (AI) Super-Resolution application to DHD videos
Wuhan-China COVID-19 world crisis
2021 TBD


We do not mention to events that happened ‘before 1986’ and ‘after 2005’ in her life unless she or a public authority announced them specifically referring to ‘Danni Ashe’. This is because she has right to distinguish her private life from her business life. We appreciate your thoughtful cooperation to keep her current life quiet and peaceful. Thank you very much.

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